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Video Game Music [Post your favorite]

Jul 21, 19 at 9:17pm

God, this song is amazing!

Jul 21, 19 at 9:22pm

Great soundtrack
Too bad the boss itself dies in like 10 sec so you ussually don't hear to much of it


Enjoyable song from a rare Capcom arcade game on a Sega arcade system.

Jul 23, 19 at 11:18am

Twilight Symphony by ZREO

This counts even if it is a remake, right?


Man, I love the bass in the original version of Fighting of the Spirit from Tales of Phantasia for Snes!

Aug 01, 19 at 4:48pm

WoW nostalgia


The soundtrack to Doom: Sigil is AMAZING! Buckethead knocked it out of the park with some amazing hard and soft metal tracks - it's a total joy to listen to :D

Aug 08, 19 at 5:47pm

Don't know how to link from phone, but Dissidia's God in Fire is incredible. DM used it in DnD and I've been hooked ever since.

Aug 08, 19 at 7:54pm

It's pretty jazzy.

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