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Video Game Music [Post your favorite]

Jan 12, 19 at 11:38am

never played the game but i listen to this song regularly

Jan 12, 19 at 11:40am


About half way through the song, then you know this PVP shit gets fucking real.


Andrew Hulshult is a musical god


Happy 25th Anniversary to the Asuka 120% BURNING Fest. series!

Here are theme comparisons of the original six cast:


The sound hardware of the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis was pure gold. Those basslines feel like something by a real authentic EDM band:


The YM2612 soundchip by Yamaha used on the Mega Drive/Genesis wasn't only used on that platform. The Fujitsu FM TOWNS, although mostly used CD redbook audio, also used YM2612 and sometimes YM3438 and Ricoh RF5C68 were used in some games including these...

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