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What game are you currently playing?

Been poking at a few games recently. Project Zomboid, Vampire Survivors, Core Keeper, Raft (finished it), Monster Hunter Rise, FF14, Elden Ring (finished it), and for funzies I will include "Mirror" (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
I'm playing the Yakuza games mainly now and sometimes Multiversus. Also, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on the Switch when I want to play portable.
Pac-Man world will be coming next week I'm hype.
Aug 20, 22 at 9:26pm
dragon ball dokkan battle!
Genshin impact getting ready for the 3.0 update and the new region sumeru to come out Tuesday evening
Resident Evil 3 remastered...
This account has been suspended.
Aug 21, 22 at 11:11am
Strangely enough, I've been playing a lot of Rumbleverse despite me not really liking battle royale-type games.
I played Death Stranding a while back. Probably one of the best soundtracks of any video game that I've heard so far. In all honesty. Death Stranding was the most boring, chilliest, deepest, worse, best game that I've ever played. Yes, the game was boring. Yet a couldn't stop playing because I hated and loved it at the same time. Unless someone has played Death Stranding. Then you wouldn't understand what I mean by a boring game being so great. I also wouldn't fault someone if they stopped playing after an hour. This game is very slow. Yet very deep. Very horrifically beautiful. https://64.media.tumblr.com/0e81571fef329d830faa70f2f6e49c47/b5c6597d8c3a8687-dd/s540x810/dd4885d1246c8c2f5b567388f4ae4f35a345263d.gif . https://c.tenor.com/P8l19eWhZbkAAAAd/higgs-death-stranding.gif . https://i.redd.it/vzc5sb4sc6o11.gif . https://media.giphy.com/media/TesdQwerg273Z55Zdx/giphy.gif . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD0CzUi4MD8
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