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What game are you currently playing?


Currently trying to finish Platinum.


Persona 4 (the original on PlayStation 2, not Golden)
The voice acting on Yusuke in particular is surprisingly good.


Nier replicant, after freaking 2 weeks of farming i finally got the achievement for the legendary flower. Omg fuck RNG challenges, especially one that goes based off a real time mechanic.


Splitgate. Its like Halo meets Portal. lots of fun


Kind of in between a few games starting DMC3, working my way through Yakuza Kiwami (think I'm in the midst of Chapter 8), Also replaying Sabbat Of The Witch (as well as the other Yuzusoft titles that Nekonyan have translated thus far), and kind of achievement hunting in Senran Kagura Re:burst since I have almost all of them at this point.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition


Almost 72 hours in and still grinding on nier replicant. The RNG is ridiculous. I am basically griding for hours to get the most rarest items multiple times iust to upgrade some weapons for a trophy. My Last time consuming trophy thankfully.


I just finished a plague Story now I'm playing yakuza :like a dragon and before that dragon quest

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