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What game are you currently playing?


Bout to play Apex 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th party legends. Ever since this new season and map came out. It's a opportunist paradise. He who dares to fight, shall dare to fight many at once.


Russian roulette with a pistol, might play some steam game at some point though.

wavysteve @wavysteve commented on What game are you currently playing?
wavysteve @wavysteve
Nov 13, 20 at 12:24pm
This account has been suspended.

Been playing Apex Legends and Dead by Daylight a lot recently. I migrated over to the Steam version of Apex but I have played plenty of hours. I'm a Revenant main. Would be nice to play with others.


I'm playing Fallout 4 again, damn
Lot of Eso and Outward too

Planned: the Witcher 1 and Thief


Bought a switch the other day, played splatoon2 for a good while on it.


GTA5. Hella late I know but I've had the game forever & just didn't think it was something I would enjoy. I've played a few times but randomly decided to play yesterday. I played Trevor for the first time and was hooked. I've been so into it I've pursed my lips (a habit when concentrating) to the point I have open sores on the insides of both my lips from my teeth. :,)


Doom 2 is the game I've played more than any other game with it's 26 years of user content that they still keep making.

One thing that I like about the brutal mod is that they changed the Icon of Sin so that it's not a texture on a wall anymore.

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