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What game are you currently playing?


Disgaea 5, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk.

May 14, 19 at 2:12am

I got Monster Hunter GenU


currently my routine is to wake up bright and early. get my warm cup of joe. Flick through F.O.T.N.S manga copies that arrived.. THEN I like to settle down and play a bit of the latest WoW or Super Mario, superrr nostalgic. Takes me back to my childhood. sigh, then off to work and to harsh reality.

I'm a PC gamer mostly.. but by that I mean emulating, I've never cared for consoles, besides of course my prized SNES I borrowed from a friend.

@°•°•BlueBass•°•°Hamstein In my personal opinion, I would recommend the original Mortal Kombats. If you haven't played them they are a must

May 15, 19 at 4:44pm

rage 2 on my new gaming pc. first game ive bout on a pc for gaming and first gaming pc ive ever had. if you don't count when I was a kid. crappy graphics, these days its crazy

May 15, 19 at 4:52pm

rage 2's combat looks really fun, otherwise the game kinda looks shit. playing risk of rain 2 currently

May 15, 19 at 5:00pm

I would be playing gzdoom but I cant figure out how to make it work. but rage 2 > doom 2016


Perhaps you should try the Zandronum DOOM engine?


Everyday, Rocket League! And I have recently started playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 again.


Gran Turismo Sport, equal parts trying to do the career section and doing Dirty Route X racing.


Grouping with old and new friends for the May 21st release of Dauntless new free to play Monster Hunter like game

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