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What game are you currently playing?

kratos10987 commented on What game are you currently playing?
Feb 04, 19 at 10:46am

When I'm on the go, I play Smash Ultimate. And at a recent local anime convention, I learned I'm not as bad at competitive smash as I thought I would be, holding my own against the tournament winner, and even beating him in one match.


Civilization V when I have a spare 5 hours to rub together, Dragonball FighterZ is taking a lot of my free time, one of these days I need to finish DA: Inquisition

Feb 04, 19 at 10:10pm

Rainbow Six Siege! on pc though love/hate the game!

judgmentoftherain commented on What game are you currently playing?
Feb 04, 19 at 11:04pm
This account has been suspended.

Ehhh not been playing much at all - so many things have been bothering me a ton lately, especially today. But once I'm a bit more stable I might jump back into something like DUSK, something good to get that anxiety out of my system.

Feb 06, 19 at 10:49pm

Borderlands 1 but its really badly balanced and I've been way over the enemies' level for most of the game without grinding. I'm 49 and they're 36 at most.

Feb 07, 19 at 10:15am

I started playing overwatch recently

Feb 07, 19 at 1:08pm

Kingdom hearts 1.5 xD Very delayed..


Anyone playing Mabinogi?

Feb 07, 19 at 3:33pm

Been replaying the Dragon Age games and on my 2nd play through of RD2. So fun.

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