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What game are you currently playing?


I don't have any games or game system


destiny 2 , call of duty ww2 , and fortnite


The dark knight back at it again bois


The post at the top of this page is the greatest post ever for this thread! It's like when you look at customer reviews on a product, and someone posts a review saying "I don't have this product so I don't know if it's any good." xD

Just finished playing Gris on the Switch. GORGEOUS.


Just me destroying a fight club in Dark soul 3


Some PvP with my cleric


My main PvP Machine


Me and some friends taking on a new dungeon 1st day of release it was terrible we knew next to nothing about the dungeon the ending was pretty epic the Tank and 1 DPS killed the boss for the EPIC VICTORY ROYALE if you ever wondered what I sound like here ya go I curse a lot

Jan 07, 19 at 8:40am

Doki doki Literature club xD


MapleStory 2

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