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Dead by daylight

Nov 28, 18 at 9:42pm


Dec 02, 18 at 12:35pm

Red Dead Redemption bores me to the point of groaning 50% of the time so I dropped it for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. RDR might be the "better" game, but ACO is just more fun to play!

And I think I made the wrong dialogue choices and lost my opportunity to have a lesbian fling >_>


i just finished unravel 2 with my sister
very fun and very frustrating
sadly it's a short game
though it has little challenges to play, but meh
i need a number 3 lol


Idk why everyone says RDR2 is boring, i personally think its fun. Reminds me of fall out 4 in a way. Tho the only thing i hate about it is the horse running into things or like the constant need to eat and clean ur horse. Also how you can accidentally bump someone with your horse and they pull you off and start fighting but you get in trouble.

Dec 02, 18 at 12:46pm

Still destiny two. Still repetitive shit all around, minced words around to make things seem different but it’s sadly obvious... regardless of that the map designs are nice and exploration feels enjoyable! Wish gear wasn’t a luck based run around and THEY STILL DIDNT IMPLEMENT MATCH MAKING FOR RAIDS A G A I N


i've also been playing friday the 13th
that shit is way too casually fun

Dec 02, 18 at 12:57pm

Kenny is my favorite... even if he is an average mess of a character. I’ll play again if they ever balance Jason’s grab moves

Dec 02, 18 at 1:00pm

I've been playing a lot of red dead online with my friend. we discovered that the meta to making quick cash may be fishing and I'm totally fine with that. I actually fucking love games that implement hunting and fishing, especially if it's incredibly profitable :u

Though of course that might change when the online actually fully launches

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