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What game are you currently playing?

sourpeach_DONT_ADD commented on What game are you currently playing?
Dec 02, 18 at 1:09pm

i hate playing the counselors..ugh, i die to easily
but i get real pumped when playing the guy that comes in with the gun and saves folks
and jason- man- playing him is exciting but somehow scary...


Panda, the reasons you listed are a handful of the shit ton of things that make me groan, but the thing that makes me groan the most is that there's no real fast travel. Galloping to a location early on is a wonderful experience... listening to the conversations, soaking in the environments... but when you gotta gallop to the same location for the 20th time... ughhh.

無名, I dabble in fishing when games include it (Far Cry, FF15) but the only games I've spent extensive time doing it, for profit reasons, is Nier and Stardew Valley! Tho in Nier, I also just really liked seeing 2B sit on the digital chair (¬‿¬)


I ordered 4 games from black Friday and I still have not gotten them. Snail mail. One of them is Bloodborne. I'll see if it really is as hard as people say it is. Gonna pop my FromSoftware cherry


Darksiders 3 far cry 4 final fantasy 10 remaster red dead redemption game of the year Mafia 3

Dec 03, 18 at 1:44am

I'm currently playing Rocket League and Ring of Elysium on pc and looking for to form a team for rocket league

Dec 03, 18 at 6:19am

I've been playing a lot of RimWorld recently

Dec 03, 18 at 10:46am

My friend just got me red dead redemption 2 for my birthday so I've been slowly playing that. Haven't had much time for video games just because of grad school, but I'm still playing Fortnite just because I can play with my friends across all platforms.

Dec 04, 18 at 10:53am

I'm playing Superdimenson Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls.

Dec 06, 18 at 9:34pm

Finally got me a copy of SAO Fatal Bullet. So far so good.

Dec 09, 18 at 11:16am

Have been playing a lot of Smash since release >:)

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