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To all you bookworms

so I am reading the maximum ride series love it! but its too long..I want to move on to something else http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/2840977?shelf=to-read Do you know any other books I can add to my TBR list? and after book 6 I think I'm gonna leave the flock but for now I will enjoy the maximum ride anyone else feel like this with a long series? like you want to finish but you also want to see what else is out there? or you started reading a series as a filler for the other series you are reading?
Never i usually finish them.
Jan 11, 12 at 5:39pm
Hunger Games, Percy Jackson series, Mortal Instruments series, Narnia series, Harry Potter series, The Hobbit (and other J.R.R. Tolkien books), Pendragon series, Morpheus Road series. When I'm looking for something new to read, I really just browse really slowly through the library for hours. XD I always finish them though, because you never know if it'll be good or not at the end.
I would say that IRobot it's an amazing book, specially if you're studying anything related to engineering or software development, gives you a lot of input on how artificial intelligence can impact our lives as well as the ethics involved. Lately I've been reading a lot of light novels, i know i know, they aren't real books by true bookworms, yet i just like what i love
general book thread? i didnt think id enjoy game of thrones as much as i do, and my expectations were already sky high. the plotting is genius, the writing is clever, george put so much effort into keeping it period-accurate and it shows, and each character feel so fleshed out that they could be the protagonist of their own stories i also like that renly and loras being gay is only hinted at (passively in the beginning and then all but said near the end), and it really makes the scene in the show where theyr just fucking super heavy handed. like they didnt think the audience would pick up on it otherwise. the book itself is actually pretty scarce of the overly sexual scenes that the show is so known for. yeah, characters bone, but 'sexposition' never occurs. the scenes are organic and never drawn out. idk how he can balance so many characters, (although his continuity isnt infallible, he messes up the name of joffery's sword) and makes them feel so fleshed out. Petyr Baelish is especially such a good character in how he manages to outwit even tyrion. sansa as well is such a great character (the sheltered girl who believed that the world is like the songs she heard and learns a terrible lesson because of it), and the fact that an old man wrote her is pretty astounding when you think about it. bran is still boring though.
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