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Have you ever........?

Apr 18, 13 at 3:58pm

Answer the last question, then leave a " Have you ever " question of your own.

Apr 18, 13 at 3:59pm

Have you ever decided to start watching an anime serie during the evening and ended up watching the whole thing and going to bed in the morning, despite planning not to stay up?

Apr 18, 13 at 4:13pm

Yes i have. But instead of going to bed in the morning, i still stayed up until i finished it and going to bed the next night. XD

Have you ever thought of the perfect crime, had the opportunity to do said crime, but then later realized what the heck you were thinking and stopped?

Apr 18, 13 at 4:22pm

uhmm i kinda did..well it wasnt that bad of a crime but still my inner me was shouting at me "What the hell do xou think you are doing right fuh now >:( " so i stopped X)

Have you ever skipped eating for 3 days straight?

Apr 18, 13 at 4:28pm

I remember one time when i got super depressed that i did that. After I healed I practically ate out the fridge. X3

Have you ever accidentally hit someone with your hand or item you were holding when you moved your arms talking to someone?

Apr 18, 13 at 4:40pm

That happens to me all the time x))
like everydayy haha x))

Have you ever drank more than recommended amount of energy drinks within the time it suggests?

Apr 18, 13 at 4:44pm

Yus all the time. :D Usually if i drink one energy drink, i drink at least one more. :P

Have you ever talked in a normal tone of voice to an animal? :3 (No cutesy voice)

Apr 18, 13 at 4:57pm

Yeahhh i did x) when i was scoldig my dawg .. but went back to baby talk right after that again x)

Have you ever thrown a book at someone?

. commented on Have you ever........?
Jul 11, 18 at 1:34pm

Yes! *Throws a book at momo*
Have u ever been asked for bobs and vaganas by a chinese? :V

Jul 11, 18 at 1:47pm

all the time

have you ever dropped something?

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