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29 year old Female
Last online 4 months ago
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Xela @alexbaka left a comment for Momo
Dec 24, 18 at 10:37am

Good thanks :) and yourself?


Is the doggie in your pictures a shiba inu? omg I want one XD

djschnitzel @djschnitzel left a comment for Momo
Sep 11, 16 at 5:55pm

i wonder what your cooking, choclate brownies?

lmaooooooo @imjustnormalguy left a comment for Momo
Aug 07, 16 at 1:37am


repo_mandela @repo_mandela left a comment for Momo
Feb 16, 16 at 1:57pm

Hey Momo. Its soo good to hear that you're heading in the right direction! A hurt soul is very difficult to deal with but the power you hold cannot be measured. It's fuckin' amazing, you're fuckin' amazing (excuse my lingo) but really. That smile will come sooner than later, just trust & love yourself. If you ever want to talk (about anything) shoot me a line.

Stay sweet queen, and have a wonderful day.

dosby8238 @dosby8328 left a comment for Momo
Feb 06, 16 at 8:32pm

No I never did use her issues against her. I knew she had bipolar but it never seemed to trigger or anything but very rarely but it resolved very quickly. She never communicated any problems even if I asked and always swore she was ok. I noticed some strange behavior but I didn't imagine it was this bad. Lack of sleep, irritability, even if I swallowed too loudly, spending money more often than normal, and more goal oriented than normal. It was just before she had her breakdown. And idk when any of us mention getting her help she gets very angry very quickly. Even when I tried to talk to her calmly about it. But yea it is the worst feeling

wingzero87 @wingzero87 left a comment for Momo
Aug 17, 13 at 8:02pm

Whats up Momo? My name is Matt. Nice to meet ya :)

akiraxplosion @akiraxplosion left a comment for Momo
Apr 23, 13 at 2:21pm

Hey how are you doing?

laddrusso @laddrusso left a comment for Momo
Apr 22, 13 at 12:20pm

Welcome!! It's a please to have you <3

Trelós Dr.Likos @nero1209 left a comment for Momo
Apr 21, 13 at 4:21am

well it paid off looks good :)