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How do you get over being turned down?

Hi everyone TT3TT I told the guy I liked I like him and he turned me down(it was an age difference that was the problem) anyway he wasn't harsh about it but I'm still taking it hard seriously I'm in my room right now listening ti whitney huston and eating cookie n cream icecream he gave me the *we can still be friends* line and of course I'm still his friend but right now its hard to talk to him without feeling awkward so I was hoping u can give me some friendly advice uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....now I'm out of ice cream *crying* someone please tell me something before I eat everything in my house and when I'm out of food and after getting turned down let's just say I'm not a ray of sunshine!!!!!!!
You could try to busy yourself with thinks so you wont have to think about your ever so painfully awkward rejection Hang out with your friends and stuff Friendship will make you happier maybe Keep away from negative thoughts!!! Dont think that damn hes right I dont deserve him..BECAUSE THATS SOME TOTAL BS!!! Listen to happy positive somgs like ponponpon!!! X3 Or in worst case senadio eat everything in your house :3 Good luck!!!
Thanks KawaiiAttack spoken like a true poet !!!!!!! XD and u made me laugh which I haven't done for awhile so thank u again <3
Yaay!! Laughters good! And glad I could help! ^^
I'm sorry this happened to you. Some stuff to consider regarding this: When a guy says he just wants to be friends, you should do your best to respect his boundaries. But sometimes, being a good friend/getting to know him and letting him get to know you may help him change his mind, or else help you ease your mind. When you're young, you tend to not know people well before you ask them out, which usually means you may change your opinion later. I find that helps with getting over them.
Take into consideration that maybe his career may have something to do with turning you away as well. Some people may work for different branches of government, law enforcement, etc. and would come under even more scrutiny and punishment from the public/law than a normal non-employed or civilian person would. Even for just talking to or dating someone that is 1 day away from being of age. Granted the example given is not likely to happen, but it's always a possibility. I speak from experience, as I would and have turned people away for not being 18 yet. Sorry, it's just a calculated risk I'm not willing to take.
Yeah I understand but its not like he was 30 or something
Its hard. But you just have to think it wasn`t ment to happen. There is someone alot better around the corner. Age is a tricky one and speaking from experience it is hard to maintain a healthy relationship with a large age gap. So my Advice is.. Get some more Ice-cream and stick on your favourite anime. -hugz- I have also heard that actually leapfrogging over them, helps you get over them.... But I hvn`t tested this theory yet..
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