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Lamby left a comment for Lunion-San
Nov 01, 13 at 11:33am

niiice :D!

mines a tie between an Orcs Warrior and a Troll Druid ^w^!

Lamby left a comment for Lunion-San
Feb 27, 13 at 3:48pm

Lok'tar ogar brother >:D

u play wow :DD??

haruzaki left a comment for Lunion-San
Feb 25, 13 at 1:26am

Really? I think so. :D

sereneladykuran left a comment for Lunion-San
Feb 09, 13 at 6:43pm

How goes the cosplaying, huh? :3

ZeldaChan left a comment for Lunion-San
Feb 09, 13 at 11:19am

Haha, I saw toy already got that question answered by Talamar-san.. yeah, Kenshin is indeed been turned into a LA adaption of the original anime.. Its a movie though, Guess it would be to difficult to turn the whole anime into a drama.. Lots of difficult stuff to take along from the anime..

There are many great liva actions of animes and mangas.. Both as movies and dramas.. If you're ever in need of some help to start off, I'll give you recommendations ^^

Oh, And I would really recommend you to sign up and make an account at
This site allows you to keep track of all animes, movies and asian dramas you've watched and plan to by scores and statuses.
It also counts down the time you've spent with both of them.. ^^
Here's my account if you decide to sign up.. <3

talamar left a comment for Lunion-San
Feb 08, 13 at 4:33am

Oh saw you an Miss Monja chatting back and fourth. Rurouni Kenshin already has a LA. It's good too. A good LA movie to check out is Beck. I was surprised how good it was. Oh and if ya have ever seen the anime series Basilisk then should watch Shinobi Heart Under a Blade. Very good.

sereneladykuran left a comment for Lunion-San
Feb 06, 13 at 1:05am

How goes the life?

ZeldaChan left a comment for Lunion-San
Feb 05, 13 at 4:09am

Indeed, I am really looking forward to when it surfaces more, the romance that is.. ^^

Yeah, I have a crunchyroll account, but I'm hardly ever online.. I watch my anime over 7 different streaming sites.. And ofcourse inevitally, Buying those I really turn out to love.. Which explains my love for Kwms and InuYasha xD

Do you watch live action adaptions of anime\manga?.. So many good animes has turned into adaptions.. Ouran, Skip Beat, Mirai Nikki, Kimi ni Todoke, Ranma 1\2, Hanbun no Tsuki ga noboru sora and just about a million others <3

If you're a fan of anime you should really give some of the live actions a try.. As for the ouran drama, While the drama in itself is mostly a remake of the original anime, There is also a ouran movie released a few days ago where they keep going about haruhi and tamaki as a couple.. <3 Basically, the movie is sequeling the anime and drama..

ZeldaChan left a comment for Lunion-San
Feb 04, 13 at 4:54am

Kazuto and Asuna was amazing, SAO <3
InuYasha had kagome and inu, so I guess those would be great ones too.. ^^

Haha, Yeah.. Amnesia is amazing, don't you think? Currently watching both amnesia and senyuu.. There are many great animes this season though I think you'd really like if you gave them a chance..
I'm watching nearly all currently airing along with the animes.. So, Yeah.. My life right now is all anime.. lol..
Ofcourse school breaks in inbetween though.. Glad to be out next year xD

I'm not watching Zetsuen no tempest though.. I'm concidering it..Is there any romance in the anime, And would you recommend it?..

ZeldaChan left a comment for Lunion-San
Feb 03, 13 at 4:46pm

Doubtlessly, I will never be able to forget the terrors I went through watching kaichou wa maid-sama while it was still currently airing..
Litterately counting the minutes everyday.. It was horrifying..
You'd think I would learn and stop watching animes airing, but I never do xD
So, Yeah.. Misa and Usui are the cutest couple ever.. ^^
Furuba is awesome too, I just had my heart rooting for the wrong couple in that one.. sadly, I seem to do that quite often xD

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