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What are Awards?

Dec 02, 21 at 8:32am
I would like to give out more awards. I think I've only given like 3 or 4. I think a great suggestion would be for every year you've been a member you should get a multiplier applied to your hearts. That way I can give more awards out to people who make me laugh over something.
If it involves making someone laugh then I'm sunk. I have an odd sense of humor that is usually hibernating. These hearts don't seem to play any significant role. It just are there for being there.
You can give or get an award for anything. It's just how I choose to use them. I think it's the only thing you can do with your hearts. I remember the days when there were no hearts and then the days that followed where you had hearts, but nothing to do with them. I think they are good. Liking something by giving someone a heart is okay, but sometimes a person deserves more recognition.
Yeah, now give me my just rewards will ya! I deserve nothing less than dis pear!
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