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I don't know what happened but slam down the hammer of justice
It appears that for once there in fact is a sociopath among us taking active note of people they have an unhealthy interest in. They're even willing to threaten people's family too. I would strongly advise caution posting any personal information for the foreseeable future until this is properly resolved. @criselington
Personal information shouldn't even be posted on a public social site. That's how there's a lot of FB victims going on. They post their cell numbers and stuff and hackers have a party with it.
Right, but people post pictures of themselves and relatives which technically is how people connect with one another and have conversations. This person however is abusing that to draw up fear. Of course not posting your home phone or address is common sense, but not being able to risk having any conversation about one self is troubling. - In any matter, ignoring the behavior will only allow this person more time to cause real harm. -
Doing something about profile bots would be nice. The amount of times I have gotten female bots in general is annoying (not just on MO, but in general) this also applies to bots that would be male too. Ankther thing is rewards for using the report button if someone is like harassing you or someone else in any way. One idea off the top of my head is definitely 3 days free premium trial or some more heart tokens given to you as a compensation gift i guess. Hell even a text box that lets you be more specific on what said user was doing or saying you know. Nothing too harsh on minor offenses but harsh on serious offenses
Also allowing you to block a specific forum other than the adult forums like for example if someone doesn't like seeing the political rants thread, they can just click block it and they personally dont have to see anymore
i haven’t seen any bots, then again I never check my mailbox. I like that block idea though
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