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Maiotaku suggestions

Maiotaku has been around for a while, it has come a long way from how it was almost 4-5 years ago. That being said it would be cool if we got some fresh new features. Im gonna list a few and then go more in depth on a separate comment for the TLDR guys Here are a few suggestions: *adding a videos section on your page *pin comments on your wall *profile customization *better bio sections *music forum section
Now im not going to say add all of this for free. Currently as it stands miotaku DOES have a premium system in place. I feel you can actually use this as an incentive to support the website. Whether that be adding a goal of how much it would cost to get these features added or simply you have to pay to unlock them. For the video section its as simple as the ability to embed videos in your own private section of your page. Just like you would do for youtube videos except it has its very own tab on your page. Which is great for content creators to show off their stuff, like amv, gameplay, anime reviews...all of this. Personalizing your page is also a great incentive. I know we have the background thing but besided that there really isnt much you can do with it. Now if you implemented newer features for premium members you can just add the background for everyone which would make things a little more interesting for the site overall and EVERYONE can personalize their page the way they want. Pinning comments, this is also simple. Just make add a pin to wall button just like the block/report/edit/delete buttons. This would help a ton for people who want to keep a comment on their wall (or news feed) without it getring buried under other people's comments and having to dig for them. Better bio section, right now bio sections are bland and boring so people dont even bother to read them. Some people dont even write anything in their bio. By adding a simple feature such as hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. And dividing them in a way so they stand out and people can just scroll down their bio to find a specific section. I will post a pic of my bio to kinda show what i mean. I think maiotaku is a great place and i have respect for seph and the team behind this site. But i feel like this site isnt evolving with the times and doesnt help us appeal to newcomers. This site is more of a niche thing. I get this was obly meant to be for con goers and whatnot but i feel like upgrading it a bit wont hurt. Not saying you have to make it flashy, instagram style or whatever. But allow people to build their own identity on here. Make them stand out more. Alot of people come back to the site after a few years and see that nothing has changed. The site is more or less the same place it was 5 years ago. The dedicated users are what has kept it alive. We get it if you like being the only one in control of the site. You have added moderators but in the end you have final say in what goes on in the site. But it wouldnt hurt to hire a few guys to help you overhaul the site and make it a tiny bit better. So this site could thrive again like it used to. If a kickstarter is needed to help fund that i can start one for you. Its incredible to think your site has helped out alot of people. You did that, thats all your legacy @seph we dont ask for much we just come on here when we are bored and chill with a bunch of our buddies. But we kinda need to catch up with the times. A newer generation might be replacing us once the OG members are gone. Try to at least update the site a bit and make it more interactive and engaging. Your site is competing with not only tinder, but facebook, instagram, snapchat, and if someone makes a bigger and better anime site with a budget they will be competition too. Its better to be proactive than reactive. If you really dont care and this is more of a hobby for you then that's ok. Just wanted to give my 2 cents cuz this community is amazing. I just wish more people could see it that way.
May 11, 19 at 7:22pm
This site needs more than just that, a complete revamp really. A look more into the dating side and matching more than just anime. If not then this site needs changed from being a dating site at all. A dark theme would be awesome. Add forum features that every other forum already has. This one is way behind with the times. But I'm pretty sure unless more admins are brought on none of this will happen. We hardly see the main guy on here as it is.
Niggas out here without a gf and people are complaining about the interface
May 18, 19 at 9:31pm
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@tenki once upon a time there were tons of girls on this site and alot of them were cute. But ya know alot of them either got bored of it or the trolls chased them away. Either way what you said had nothing to do with anything XD Edit: infact if they fixed the matches you might be able to have a better chance at getting a gf. So there is that
May 19, 19 at 2:21am
I don't know if there is match system that would help the site significantly. The principal problem is that the site only has one guy updating it. Not very often, and it's just details, nothing big. I don't know if he doesn't has other people for lack of money or he just doesn't want to. If the problem is money, maybe the starting point should be adding perks worth paying for. Like panda's first suggestions. Making your profile look more attractive sounds like a good deal. That can expands to having signatures in the forum as another paid perk and stuff like that.
bump and an option for both regular and dark mode
I create a lot of stuff for people, mostly 8-bit pixel images stretched to 500 x 500 pixel I have one super simple suggestion for MaiOtaku, that relates with that very thing. Suggestion: I create custom GIFs from Gimp not borrowed from the internet, but when I post them they don't load in. Can you please fix this so I can post animated images of my artwork? *This image suppose to rotate "Hello" with a "^_^" that occasionally flashes.* But, this image forever loads as if its stuck on limbo, and when posted. Its not animated. I WOULD LOVE TO MAKE ANIMATED STUFF FOR PEOPLE, SO PLEASE FIX! Thank you.
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