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Being able to do Polls. Not sure if anyone suggested this already but it would be fun.

Mar 14, 17 at 11:11am

I confess that I have inbox things pop up on my phone now and they WON'T GO AWAY AND IT'S PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO NAVIGATE THIS WEBSITE ON MY PHONE NOW!!!!!!! It's blocking my view when i try to write a message in the forums!!!!


Yes! I'm having the same issue here, can this be fixed?

Mar 14, 17 at 9:48pm

I think I've fixed that for now?


Posting on the forums seems to not work unless you upload a Image and edit the comment.

Posting on the forums seems to not work unless you upload a Image and edit the comment.

Mar 15, 17 at 11:52pm

I believe that was a very brief bug.


Seems to be working. Thanks ^.^


Telling us why we are banned might be a nice way to avoid a CIA crackdown.

Mar 22, 17 at 7:24pm

I can't seem to add anime that aren't excisting in the current database. Everytime I try I need to logg in again and nothing happens.

Futhermore it is quite annoying to have multiple names for the same anime, like the english, japanese and shortened names. Is there a possibility to be able to combine them? That what you can also get matches for users who like the same anime but added a different name for it. Personally I think this is difficult to make automatic. But maby the users can add a mark to it that they all belong to the same anime. So an admin only need to check it and add it together. If they are then added together it would be nice if the alt titles also appear under the main official title and still be searchable. So people recognise the anime they are looking for.


It would be cool if we could have a Mature Section for more Adult Anime and Graphic Images.

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