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Feb 14, 17 at 2:55pm

Does anyone know why images uploaded by mobile end up sideways?


Because it rotates any image that is in portrait view. If you take the picture using your phone sideways in landscape view it will upload normally. I think this was done because sometimes some images were meant to be taken in portrait but came out and landscape for some reason. It's all you gotta do is take your photos in landscape


^...MO is sending spam!! it shows as a friend sent 50+ Blank messages in my MO inbox. Whats worse is that i have 50+ MO notifactions clogging my inbox XP!!!!!! Please Fix ASAP!!! this has happened Twice now to me in the past week!!.


i meant to say its also clogging my email inbox on my phone. which is annoying, cuz i cant see any important emails like bills and shit when MO does this seizure shit.

Tired of here. Inactive. commented on Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread
Tired of here. Inactive.
Feb 19, 17 at 1:43pm

There is an edit feature; no need for 4 posts...


the chat boxes arent letting you send messages. whenever you press enter it moves to another line rather than sending.

Feb 23, 17 at 12:41pm

Fixed that issue, sorry. Very dumb bug.


I can't make threads on mobile phone I just tried to make.two and they don't work what is going

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