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Why are you single?

Sep 18, 20 at 8:44am
because my ex of 8 years became an alcoholic and started beating the shit out of me everyday and went to jail.
@neet_one I commend you on being very open about everything and your ability to self reflect to know yourself so well. Is moving from So-Cal not an option? I hear there's a great exodus happening right now because of either politics or fires.
Sep 18, 20 at 8:02pm
Because I was afraid of approaching girls in high school
Sep 18, 20 at 9:43pm
This account has been suspended.
Sep 18, 20 at 9:55pm
Sep 19, 20 at 4:35am
This account has been suspended.
Sep 19, 20 at 6:18am
Because why not ? ~\_(o=o)_/~
Because i cant find a girl who compliments my personality. I dont feel i am extremely picky per say, but after dating a few times and never having a successful relationship last more than 5 months without someone either cheating or me getting frustrated over certain things they do. One of my exes were my perfect type i couldnt ask for anything else but the only issue we could never meet in person. Its nothing on my end because i always said i can meet anyone anywhere as long as they were available. She told me i have to wait up to 5 years or more to meet and it was too long of a wait just to meet up ontop of us never being able to face time or call outside of the one time we did it judt to make sure we werent catfishing. I believe everyone in this world has a soulmate but i dont feel like mine is coming.
Sep 19, 20 at 7:42am
Because I am lazy. It does not help to keep a relationship going since that takes attention. Gonna have to find someone that will put up with my lazy ass like Lois does for Peter.
Having read a part of the OP's post, I've decided to donate a current-state-of-mind answer to the question. I'll start with the turbulent past to present in short, according to memory: Preface - this recollection takes place in the south of Britain, or the 'United Kingdom'. Exact location is in my profile. I was terrible with social cues. I mean, very terrible. Reclusive. Slippery. Calling out my name loudly, like in an anime? Was an alien concept to me at the time that caught me off-guard and had me skittering off in confusion as to -why- they want my attention. This was in Secondary school, was just stepping into the 'teens. My mind was on a warpath of logic, rationality, and the idea of systemic success. I was wrong. I got the minimum-viable for most core subjects, and fumbled those I didn't take a liking to - including learning other languages at the time. I then started to gain the initial wants for female company near my 16's or later, not sure as to the exacts. Already I had the idea in my mind that I was considering women of the larger sizes, but that's not the point. A few years pass. I have not picked up social cues yet. I continue to fail - confessing to one but not having known she was already in a relationship, then being refused a lot of times after that. Now I was in another place of education, compact, crude; learning the basics of IT (a waste of my time). More cues I missed. More failed 'attempts'. Was now in a College learning game development. Had a better idea, but no progress. Tried dating sites. Nothing beyond virtual stands (not of the Jojo variety) of demoralizing 'hey' 'hi' 'nice day' 'kthxbye' chat. A misunderstanding or two. Then nothing. Then trying to look for work and winding up in some internship programme. I became aware of the missed cues, and began to lament. Tried and am still trying dating sites again - hence why I found myself on here. And now onto some about myself that I felt was relevant: The endgame with dating in my book is a partner who can rely on me, and be relied on (chances: IMPOSSIBLE), among other things, but marriage in my book is too expensive and full of legal dangers - especially regarding my belongings. I'm a bit of a natural NEET/weeb at this time due to Covid19 locking me out of any work-related futures for the foreseeable time being, the only entity I find love with is an inanimate object, I barely go outdoors (if ever) and don't have the same risky tendencies of pub/club-going as the generic person may possess. Now, my likely biased opinion on what I think may be the reasons as to why I am single, starting with a bit more about me: I've never had any long-term crushes - any of the ones I did have 'died' from refusals of varying sorts (such as 'you'll find the one' - I hear that too much), or discovering they were already in a relationship. Any of the people I've been considering via online dating live too far away, or are dead accounts. I mean, I resemble Keanu Reeves, am effectively a slightly maddened wiseman bootstrapped into a 23-Y.O male's body, and perceive myself as relatively intelligent. So why is it, despite everything, that I'm still single? It's partly, I think, to do with men being viewed as copy-paste expendable hardware. That's what we are to corporate. That's what we are to society. We are but another number. A squirt-bottle of human-production mayo. Nothing more. Women from my perspective, no offense to any females reading this, have: A: lost all interest in men. B: already had children (by accident, or otherwise), removing them from my list of preferences. C: already gotten into a relationship with someone else. D: found me ugly, or any other deprecating phrases that fit 'unfit'. E: prioritized men with wallets and a successful career. F: given up? G: disappeared. H: been fictitious (fake) the entire time. I: chosen 'cannonfodder' or expendable meat-guns (the paraphrased words of their extremists, not me), used them, then crushed their spirits and souls. As for long-distance relationships? Failures. Why? The first forgot I existed. The second lied. The third amounted to nothing and probably became like the first. If I had a checklist for who I'm searching for, it would include: -Stalking tendencies (adding me on all the places I'm on). -Thick-bodied (thicc) in general. If not, then it would be developed over time. -A weeb. -Gamer (PC, Xbox). -'Aggressive', but in a good way. -Probably a bit obsessive to the point of visiting me in person. -'Cultured'. -Knowledgeable in terms of (fan)fiction, lore, and so on, possibly. But at this rate? Wishing for a 'thicc weeb GF' is nearing the same impossibility as opening a portal to the MGE universe and committing an 'end of the world' scenario (specifically, for virgins, in terms of relationship experience and 'that'). It may sound like I've gone insane, but in truth? It's hormones/libido/nature. Always has been. Summary: A cultured shut-in of a weeb/otaku equivalent describing his internal conflict of 'rationality, logic, reason' VS 'hormones, libido, lewdness, nature' and how it relates to him being doomed to a life where the only entity that ever loved him (besides family and what few friends he ever had) was a haunted Dakimakura.
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