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Speedish dating

let me give it a try Age: 22 Pet Peeve: people eating with their mouth open and smoking (especially people that think smoking electrical cigarretes everwhere is okay XD ) and people filling the whole street while walking slowly. Trait I like: patience and humour Age gap: hmmm about 20 - 27 maybe Good Trait: loyal Bad Trait: impatient, not good at talking about myself Looking for: men Other stuff: i joke a lot - almost all the time and i am very sarcastic.
also i'm a big tease
Funfun is a 10/10 tease would recommend
Maybe I'll wait this one out
Aug 11, 19 at 2:39pm
Age:18 Name: Luke (Lukas) Pet peeve: Unneeded opinions Trait I like: Chill, talkative, friendly Age gap: 18+ Bad trait: Shy, self discrimination. Looking for: Women
Won't be able to communicate properly due to the kinda hectic schedule I've got so...... Best of luck to all the boys and girls. Hope you find that special someone this way. Even if you don't then you'll gain a good friend so that's a plus
Aug 11, 19 at 2:45pm
YEET. Name Diurantas (you can call me Broji if you want to) age: 20 pet peeve: People who can't take a joke and get triggered over everything. Traits I like: familial (cares about family above all else), caring, loving. age gap: 20-28 I guess. good things about me: friendly, caring, very familial. bad things: I don't actually know, you're gonna have to tell me (I'd actually appreciate it). Lookin for: a female. Other stuff: I sometimes make fun of everything and if you give me anything to make fun of most of the time I will.
Aug 11, 19 at 3:11pm
Modern world truly is one heck of a lonely place....
I wanted to fill in the blanks xD Age: 21 Name: ExcaliBorg! (Excaliborgu) PetPeeve: Idk, i always get annoyed by the smallest things though One trait being attractive too : im an open man (i just dont want to be dominated), and i believe everyone has their cute side! you are unique in your own way!! Toleratable age gap : prolly 4-5 years! One of my good traits: i really dont know, really caring maybe? i guess you have to find some of em :3 One of my bad traits: Could be extremely gloomy, but i try not to be! but there could be more! everyone has their own opinions Likes : Women ofc Also i am friendly, :3 (and a weirdo so good luck >:3 )
wait why dafug are you in here???? OWO what happend ex LOL!!!
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