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Girls only like jerks (stop using this excuse, grow a pair and read on)


I can't say that girls only like jerks, but I can say that I've never met a girl that actually likes me


Girls + Jerks = Laid

Tis called "reality"


Right now, I have a female friend over here, fell asleep crying to me about god knows what I tried to listen.... got most of the details, now if I was a jerk, I would be totally taking advantage of this situation, heres the thing tho..... if I was a jerk I would never be able to develop the level of trust with her to have her feel safe enough to come here falling asleep with her head in my lap when she is in such a damned vulnerable position, anypne who honestly thinks women only go for jerks is a punk ass biatch, whos lack of confidence is masked by punk ass biatch excuses, and anyone who says that ladies don't appreciate confidence needs some basic understanding of psychology and evolution.... yes women like confidence, MILLIONS OF YEARS OF EVOLUTION HAVE MADE THIS A DESIRABLE TRAIT, a few peoples opinion does not override MILLIONS OF YEARS OF EVOLUTION

Who knows maybe I will be banned for this post..... I dont give a damn though, what a stressful day PEACE


The second a guy starts complaining about how nice guys finish last you know he isn't a nice guy but yet another guy projecting his imperfections onto others. Being nice is to be expected of a guy. Not a blessing from the heavens.


I was a nice guy, then I realized nice guys finish last and decided to be more of an ass. sure it worked but....well...anyway the point is you should be a nice person!!!


I'm the nicest person ever. I'll never get a gf because i'm not a jerk :(. Stop stealing all the girlz you alpha jock assholes D:

I just woke up so this is gnna make half sense. Will edit later:
Yeah tbh i don't even know if this is a thing anymore?? I don't think i've ever seen a girl leave a genuinely nice guy to get with another dude just because he treated her like a princess and an asshole to others. I get most girls (not all) are attracted to alpha traits and/or personalities. If a girl left you or chose a dude who bullies others to prove how alpha he is. Well then that trick didn't deserve you or anybody decent anyways.


I'm not that nice and I've never had a girlfriend. I used to be maybe but then I just got older and don't give a shit about anything except cool people.


There was a day and age where girls would not look my way...... I was nice yeah, even looked good, but I walked like some damned puppy with its tail between its legs looking for approval... the vast majority of women do not want that.

You want to get a girl, here is what you do.

Pick up a heavy object 5-10 times, rest 60-180 seconds repeat.

Read a book, then read another, and another, try to mix up the subject

Do something scary, for me it was taking up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hell its still scary, getting grounded and pounded 10 sessions a week, enjoy struggle.

Look in a mirror and out loud say Dayyum, you look good, and visualize what you want to improve.

After you visualize what you want to improve, figure out the necessary steps to make those changes.

90% of success is just showing up, make a plan to improve yourself, and ACT


Oh and do be nice, in general its a good human trait, but dont be weak minded and weak will, and be some dirt bag just seeking approval and calling said attention seeking "nice" cuz its not. Its pathetic, real talk here.

I want all my home skillets on Maiotaku to succeed, even if I make you hate me in the process, I want you to succeed.


Short end of all of this is, be nice, be confident, don't be cocky, have personal goals/aspirations, be happy being you and above all, don't be a door mat. It's not do complicated, really. I just lack confidence, but can fake it until I make it and got lucky enough to find such an honestly loving woman who's willing to not just be my lover, but my partner in life. Best of luck. :)

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