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Distance makes everything harder. The sharing of physical affection in a relationship is quite important. Just touching communicates so much! We aren't designed for long distance relationships. Just because you can pull them off, doesn't make them the same as being there. You can idealize all you want but no one in this thread is doing them out of choice.

Sep 15, 11 at 10:22pm

Long distance relationships (while interesting and quite the life experience) never work out in the end... Unless you are capable of doing some sacrifices in regards to time, money and emotions.

Sep 22, 11 at 12:21pm

Like Otacon85 says long distance almost never works, it can as long as both you and the person involved make sacrifices if they are not willing to at least try to make it work long distance cannot be overcome they have to be willing to help make it work because it is hard.


Commitment is key! Even though I've never been in an LDR, all my past relationships and dates have one thing in common: I only gave and they only took. Not once has a woman contributed anything to her relationship with me. I felt and still feel so unappreciated because I was always bending over backwards for them. Just be careful if you plan on pursuing an LDR because both parties need to make equal commitment!


Déjà vu, I've just been in this thread before

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