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Considering I'm in a remote location, with no otaku girls around, I have little choise but to find a long distance relationship. (Granted I consider the long distance problem a temporary one) Personaly, I would travel up a two day drive if I had to.

How about the rest of you. How far would you travel?


Yea i understand that, its the same case for me it sucks, I don't mind distance as long as i at least have a chance to see them.

Jun 08, 11 at 2:48pm

I use to drive 5 hours to see my girl friend who lived in another state the relationship was very difficult becaus we could not see each other often and it was really hard on the relationship I had to move so the relationship had to end because i moved further away long distance relationships are very hard to keep but if you can try to work it where you two could meet half way or something that might help with one but it will be hard

Jun 09, 11 at 6:45pm

16,574 miles, I have the plane tickets as proof too. (I did it twice too, 4 times if you consider the return trip both times.)

It's a scary thing traveling that far, not knowing how the first meeting will go, or if they'll even show up.


@Kaito but the question is...did it all work out for you?

Jun 10, 11 at 12:23pm

Haha, a good question, I am on this site now after all.

The first meeting went pretty well, I was half traumatized over thinking it and the 30 hours of 3 flights didn't help either, but after we actually met in the airport we were totally into the zone within 15 minutes.

If anyone intends to try cross country relationships you really have to know exactly who you are meeting before you meet or the first meeting could break your relationship, skype, phone calls, tons of pic trading, webcams, even with that it can be pretty scary.

The distance was something we overcame in the end, but it was a bad mismatch of our personalities that ended the relationship.

All in all the relationship lasted almost 4 years, we lived together for over 1 year, and were dating for at least 3 of that, it was a really good relationship, though I will admit the distance was hell at times.

A word of advice for cross country relationships as well, if you are under 30 and do not have a lot of money or are not highly skilled, marriage is really your ONLY choice for immigration there are NO OTHER visa options. My relationship ended while a fiance visa was pending, for better or for worse, I did get the approval eventually 7 months after applying for it, and 2 months after the relationship ended. lol

Kronos @kronos commented on Distance
Jun 11, 11 at 5:08pm

Seeing as how I can only travel to places by rail (I have no car, one of the things you get used to living in the city) I would travel 65 km (approx. 30 miles) tops.


I notice how it's only guys talking about how far they had to travel.

I'm sure that there are girls that also have to travel, but it looks like the trend is for the men to do most of it.

Not that I mind.

gone @socrates commented on Distance
Jul 31, 11 at 4:26am

Well, I've always done the traveling, because I'm anxious about letting others drive on the freeway (I don't know why, really xDD lol). But my previous boyfriend of four years lived in Italy for the last two years of that relationship, and the only reason I accepted that was because he and I grew up together, and I really, truly loved him. . n .; But it eventually came back and slapped me... I mean, country to country isn't just a Mapquest away, you know? After that, I don't think I could handle distance at all. It's too much now, especially when you're a college student who can barely afford driving to campus and back. Dx

Sobi @sobi commented on Distance
Aug 01, 11 at 2:15am

It would have to depend on the distance and person for me. I guess if I met the right person I'd travel. As it is I live pretty far out myself, right up by the Canadian border in the mountains. I don't know if I'd move, but that's because of family issures, but I wouldn't mind traveling.

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