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Sobi @sobi commented on Distance
Aug 01, 11 at 2:15am

It would have to depend on the distance and person for me. I guess if I met the right person I'd travel. As it is I live pretty far out myself, right up by the Canadian border in the mountains. I don't know if I'd move, but that's because of family issues, but I wouldn't mind traveling.

Aug 23, 11 at 10:35pm

the longest distance for a girl i ever dated was bout 3000 odd miles. NEVER again ;p


I honestly concitered moving to a completely country for someone once.
It was terrible, because they refused to have a long distance relationship and seriously concitered it for months.

Key @keyrunners commented on Distance
Aug 28, 11 at 10:10pm

longest distance to a con: about 300-400 miles
longest distance to see family: roughly 7500 miles
longest distance relationship: roughly 9000 miles

unfortuantely i couldn't handle a long distance relationship.... thankfully we're still friends..... and if i ever decide to move to Malaysia, hopefully i can try once again.....

Aug 30, 11 at 1:14am

My last boyfriend lived in Indiana, and I live in Colorado ;o; I tried so many times to go see him but I guess it just wasn't in our favor. If I ever found someone that makes me really happy, I would go just about anywhere.

Sep 05, 11 at 5:25pm

Well I had a long distance relationship with a mute, double arm amputee. But we (well I) called it off. It was to one sided.

But seriously i dont think distance matters in love. If you love each other, you love each other thats all there is to it

Key @keyrunners commented on Distance
Sep 05, 11 at 8:03pm

i know this is in poor taste....... but at least you wouldn't have been strongarmed in that relationship.

oh god i feel horrible for laughing at that....

Sep 05, 11 at 9:10pm


that was great

Sep 09, 11 at 9:34pm

I don't think distance matters that much, but time-difference really hits me hard. One of my good college friends relationship has fallen to almost nothing due to the fact that she's in Asia and she's almost at a 12 hour time difference. Our schedules to communicate just failed.


hmmm, I guess I traveled a total of 11,344 miles If you count to and from the location. Although I'd love to say that distance doesn't matter and love is all you need, I honestly do not believe I can. It's really quite hard, especially after a few years...

My guy was gone for about 4 years and it was kind of rough. Sure, if you're lucky you get to talk to them once a day or so, but when stuff happens and you really need them right there with you and you just can't get a hold of them...it really just tears you up to bits, almost to the point where you're not sure they're worth the pain, heartache, or effort.

Luckily in my case I dragged him back, so I think that's the best solution. Close the distance as much as possible if possible. If not, I don't know. Work hard, Ganbatte!!!

<i>Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but distance also makes the eyes wander~</i>

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