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Trip to japan.

Dec 06, 19 at 6:17pm
This account has been suspended.
Dec 06, 19 at 6:49pm

i wish i could go next year but i have a work trip during the time i would go. so im going in 2021 to see the ice festival and go to winter wonder fest and then head to okinawa. i could tell you a few good places in the tokyo area since i lived there for a few years.

Dec 06, 19 at 6:51pm

i just want to go to akiba mostly lmao

Dec 06, 19 at 8:27pm

akiba is awesome when i would go i usually spend 4-6 hrs cause how many stores i would go to. sorry for the pics sideways haha

Dec 06, 19 at 9:17pm

Gabriel, My original idea was to start in Nagasaki, move up to Kyoto, and then move to Tokyo. As for hotels I'm still actively looking at different one, but because I don't I the exact dates I'm going yet, I'm holding off on anything else.

And for guides, I have a cousin who lives there, and two other friends who moved there for one reason or another,
Who said they wouldn't mind helping out.

Dec 06, 19 at 9:19pm

Another thing, I'm going for about a month. Not enough time to get to everything I wanna do, but a respectable first trip.


xD ik
i mean in a way of the price of the tickets, because tokyo 2020 all the flight costs are going to be pretty high rn until august .
Im also planning to go in the next year (prob in the end)
also im planning in an hostel in tokyo

Jan 15, 20 at 10:56pm

Well its official you bunch of degenerate sister fuckers, 3 more months and I'll be in the otaku motherland.


Good luck

Jan 15, 20 at 11:05pm

Nope, hoping to meet truck-kun.

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