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27 year old Male
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san diego, CA
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izanaghi @izanaghi left a comment for rxkip
May 18, 22 at 11:20am
ur figure collection is fire
Apr 17, 20 at 7:11pm
thats a nice figure. i need to find a book shelf to put in my room to put my books and some more figures im already getting to the point were i pretty soon im going to have to look to give some of my stuff away especially with some of the new figures coming out.
Gabriel @gabriel_true left a comment for rxkip
Apr 14, 20 at 10:10pm
Yes I have a number of collectables! I remember months ago when you had made a thread about sharing photos of them and I had put up a number of my own to show haha! I've slowed down collecting for the most part but I did pick up a new figure from a recent convention. Lady from the game Devil May Cry 3!
Gabriel @gabriel_true left a comment for rxkip
Jan 10, 20 at 7:59pm
I like your Tohru Dragon Maid figure as well as the Spike Spiegel statue. Can't tell if you had a Nanachi figure from Made in Abyss below in the case or if it was something else.
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