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Trip to japan.

Jan 16, 20 at 12:00am

Any traveling tips and tricks? I been planning to do a backpack trip across Japan eventually

Jan 16, 20 at 12:27am

Sorry my friend, this is my first solo trip to another country, so I'm shooting from the hip myself.


What places do you plan on seeing?

Jan 16, 20 at 2:28am

I'm flying into tokyo and staying there for 5 days, then going to Hakone->Takayame->Hiroshima->Kyoto->Osaka.

All in all I'm going for about 3 weeks.

CAC @cac commented on Trip to japan.
Jan 16, 20 at 6:57am

I don't think I could do it alone.

Jan 16, 20 at 7:39am

Now I just gotta figure out what I'm going to do next year seeing as Australia is literally on fire.

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