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Other otaku media than manga/anime/gaming


Web and light novels. I read mostly eastern web novels nowadays (mostly from China). Still Japan and Korea have a few nice stories.

May 01, 19 at 9:10am

I basically like anything that has anime art in it, so I guess I got a pretty broad spectrum xD I guess Vocaloid, J-pop, figurines and VNs are some I can think of from the top of my head


The Kung fu movies Bring life to anime and video games, my favorite is the kid with the golden arm.


I'm a fan of Kamen Rider as well as some of the Super Sentai...

Also I remember watching this drama in 2009 and it was great!


Yakuza movies and their music as well, you can geek over anything really
Any movie with Tadanobu Asano in it, or directed by Takashi Miike or Beat Takeshi is something I'll watch
Word of warning, their movies really are hit or miss

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