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Japanese Practice!

Jan 28, 19 at 10:23pm

Maybe you guys should practice on one of the discord servers? Just add a channel for Japanese Learning or something.

Jan 29, 19 at 1:50am

I'm interested! I only finish my first semester of elementary Japanese. I'll be starting the next semester in a week. I'm poor at speaking in Japanese, otherwise, I'm decent in writing and reading. I'm a bit slow though >.<.

Jan 29, 19 at 1:54am

@skripox another suggestion is buying a Japanese learning book. My professor teaches based on what is going on in the chapter. I recommend Genki vol 1. The textbook does a good job explaining how grammar rules work. I rely on the textbook very often when I'm studying and it helped me do well in my class.

Jan 29, 19 at 1:29pm

The only problem I have with books is that if I do not understand something, there won't be someone there to tell me how that works. like the use of GA and WA. But i'
ll check the book out.

Jan 29, 19 at 3:09pm

currently taking a course online, cost a whole bunch but i'm definitely learning stuff

Jan 29, 19 at 3:09pm

not learning how to write in japanese though (using a keyboard)
i can only read some characters, i'm very very beginner

Jan 29, 19 at 9:02pm

Thank you!! We can all practice Japanese! I just made a discord server for this!

Please Join!

Baka commented on Japanese Practice!
Jan 29, 19 at 9:12pm
This account has been suspended.
Jan 29, 19 at 9:22pm

Of course! I hope you can learn more Japanese!

Apr 11, 19 at 5:45pm

sorry if it's not perfect yet, my reading skills aren't up to par with my speaking skills (therefore my writing skills are good but my reading of my own writing is bad)

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