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Japanese Practice!

Thank youu!
Can someone please help me translate this?
Jan 16, 19 at 6:31pm
@aetherpond Apparently, 福共海天 is a Chinese idiom which means "happiness will last as long as the sea and the sky still exist" The same as "福如东海,寿比南山", usually those idioms are used as greetings.
I know my katakana pretty well, it's just those pesky シ ソ ツ ン !! I know they are n, tsu, shi and so but I always confuse them and it's even worst when they get stylized @.@
Arigato, thank you very much, Enki :)
i'd love a japanese study buddy! i haven't studied in so long though, so i'm back to beginner level.
Jan 18, 19 at 4:17pm
When you practice Japanese, do you actually talk w/ people or out-loud? Studying written Japanese isn't too hard, but when it gets to speaking, I find it's hard to get used to the words and connotations, unless you're conversing w/ someone. Probably why it's easier to actually learn how to "speak" Japanese easier in Japan or if you had a friend who practiced w/ you a lot. But this is true of most languages, I think. Which is probably why I've never really gotten the hang of "speaking" Japanese.
Both are useful I think!
Jan 28, 19 at 1:15am
I messed up. I wanted to take Japanese in college but it was tooooo late. Guess now everyone wants to learn it. deng it. I guess I'll have to learn it on my own. luckily fo me I know Hiragana y Katakana.
@skripox We can practice! I can teach you what I know also : ) Maybe you can still take classes?
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