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Japanese Practice!

Dec 21, 18 at 2:56pm

Thank youu!

aetherpond commented on Japanese Practice!
Jan 16, 19 at 5:49pm

Can someone please help me translate this?

Jan 16, 19 at 6:31pm

Apparently, 福共海天 is a Chinese idiom which means "happiness will last as long as the sea and the sky still exist"
The same as "福如东海,寿比南山", usually those idioms are used as greetings.

Jan 16, 19 at 7:18pm

I know my katakana pretty well, it's just those pesky シ ソ ツ ン !!
I know they are n, tsu, shi and so but I always confuse them and it's even worst when they get stylized @.@

aetherpond commented on Japanese Practice!
Jan 16, 19 at 8:08pm

Arigato, thank you very much, Enki :)

Jan 17, 19 at 10:31am

i'd love a japanese study buddy!
i haven't studied in so long though, so i'm back to beginner level.

Jan 18, 19 at 4:17pm

When you practice Japanese, do you actually talk w/ people or out-loud? Studying written Japanese isn't too hard, but when it gets to speaking, I find it's hard to get used to the words and connotations, unless you're conversing w/ someone. Probably why it's easier to actually learn how to "speak" Japanese easier in Japan or if you had a friend who practiced w/ you a lot. But this is true of most languages, I think. Which is probably why I've never really gotten the hang of "speaking" Japanese.

Jan 19, 19 at 6:03pm

Both are useful I think!

Jan 28, 19 at 1:15am

I messed up. I wanted to take Japanese in college but it was tooooo late. Guess now everyone wants to learn it. deng it. I guess I'll have to learn it on my own. luckily fo me I know Hiragana y Katakana.

Jan 28, 19 at 3:12pm

@skripox We can practice! I can teach you what I know also : ) Maybe you can still take classes?

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