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How does your family react to your otaku passion?


They yeeted m3 out the window into the cold hard streets


The only time they cared. Was when I was young. And, I stole my mom's credit card. Because Sekirei and Air Gear was popping in my little bean XD.

This account has been suspended.

My mom watched anime in her youth, since she was born/raised in Okinawa. But there's such a huge difference in the anime we watched, since the anime she watched were from the 50s-70s TV anime. I had to warn her about how most of the "cute girls" anime are made for teen/adult men and could have things like up-skirts, and she didn't believe me at first... She also didn't believe that some anime characters she saw were males, and I am not even talking about the girly "otokonoko" characters, but just slightly feminine young boy characters (Hirano Toushiro for example she kept insisting was a girl). XD


My mom, brother, and me used to watch Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon together as a family when I was young. I grew up drawing anime and wanting to be a artist. I won a competition once upon a time.

Damn, that picture was about God. I've always been this way. This just my medium. Back on topic.

I think my family liked me more when I was a big weeb. Because I was care free and happy go lucky person. I would always sing to my family new kpop songs I liked.

Then the fire nation attacked. The End.


My little brother calls me a fuckin weeb 24/7. XD


I turn those around me into weebs I used to be the only one who liked anime in my friend group now all but 1 of my friends likes anime


They definitely think its weird
But they won't tell me anything

All of them actually try to cater

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