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How does your family react to your otaku passion?


Hmmm mine dont care, and i dont show aswell


What little family I have don't really care, at this point I could come out of the closet and they wouldn't care. It's 2020 cartoons are the least of everyones worries


My parents don't really care what I'm watching as long as it is not... "explicit". Though dad was the one that suggested me to try learning Japanese as it would look good on a resumè, and I did try for about 2 years in which he would always brag at people that I know some Japanese.


^Lmao I just learned a bit of Japanese through watching anime regularly and my parents brag about me speaking Japanese, other various languages I picked up from random series I've watched. My dad is an anime fan as well, he's pretty alright with me invested in Japan culture, mom isn't really a fan but she doesn't mind. My siblings do love their own kind of anime so that's that.

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They think that it doesnt suit me at all :)


I don’t even think they know what it is lol I’m never open about my interests to my family cuz no one rly cares


My fam watches all types of anime, so no problems here.

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