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How does your family react to your otaku passion?


I think those of you whose parents disprove of your hobbies because of economic viability or impressions of "childishness" would benefit from reading a little ways into Wilhelm Meister. The book really made me care about stigma a lot less. If I enjoy a hobby, I'll stick with it.


i don't really have an otaku passion, but i'd say that if you're still living at home with your parents (at an older age like 30) they might think that the cause of you living at home is your otaku passion (and it probably is), then i'd say they're right to complain.


and on the topic of stigma's, since i've gone through pretty weird experiences in life (and probably too many) i'd say all stigma's are bad for society. literally, all of them. you shouldn't care about stigma, and i would even recommend you to speak your own mind and not let others dismay you from your opinion or interests.


I dont think they care tbh. Its not like I watch stuff in front of them. I dont think they actually know what anime is. I had to hold myself on from going on a rant when my mom asked me to pause my cartoons for a while and go do something for her.


I mean in addition to what I said earlier, at one point my father complained about me having filth on my computer because of this wallpaper (mostly complaining about the front girl in red and the girl in purple). But he is a stereotypical super extreme Christian to the point where he sees vulgarity, sexuality, and wrongdoing in absolutely everything.


now that i look back at this thread, my parents are supportive of it, as long as it doesn't take up too much time (from school etc.)
same with gaming basically.
they also think it's really cool i have the ability to speak languages without an accent as long as i've heard enough of it, which is the case with english AND japanese, so they really don't mind. my sister looks down on me for it, but she's just jealous tbh lol


My parents didnt care when i watched it as a kid, but now since i watch anime on my PC they dont know ive still been watching anime

They probs react negatively x"D


My mom literally washes my dakimakura so if she would have something against it i would know.


^ lol yeah same and my dad didn't even mind when I asked him to buy me one of eBay. I used to watch anime all the time with my mom and some with my dad too. My grandma doesn't mind it, I really don't think my grandpa knows what it is, my mom's boyfriend helped me hang wall scrolls in my room a few days ago, and even my aunt knows what it is and is cool with it because she has been to Japan. The only one who has anything to say about it is my brother and he's always kinda joking about it. Plus he's 15 and thinks anything he doesn't like is cringey lol.


I made a lot of them nerdy, so nothing bad for me.

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