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How does your family react to your otaku passion?

They accept it and they watch aome anime too so no at all It helps that I'm doing well in college
my sister and her bf called me a nerd my mom said id grow out of it (take THAT mom!) my brother likes anime too but hes a fuckin normie and only likes popular animes over all disappointment id say
Only one of my sisters knows and doesn't comment/pose an opinion on the subject, i speculate that her opinion may be a very common one such as seeing it as a very childish hobby. Honestly though we get along just fine and at the end of the day regardless of what the opinion may be about such topics. We oft find a commonality between between us based in our general dislikes towards things. the rest of my family, doesnt know or care to know.
Have two younger brothers, the youngest cosplay too, like me. So we goes to conventions together and watch animes together from time to time. The other brother has some anime series he like too. So we can talk about them. Otherwise our mom has learned to understand the hobby (well, as my brother calls it, his hobby and my lifestyle.) Mom is not good with it when I/we cosplay in public but as long as she is not around she think it's okay (as time flies its just being natural by now). And my granddad tries his best to understand it. So my nearest family is accepting and open minded about it.
My mother said I'd grow up to be an anime character/look like one. Don't think I need to say any further <n.n> lol.
At one point when I was younger, I was basically no longer allowed to own a computer because "Otaku culture is evil" my family would tell me. As a result of that, I don't really tell my family what I am interested in anymore. They would probably have the same reaction today as they did back then. To clarify I did well in school, never did drugs/drink/smoke etc, never went to any parties, didn't see friends outside of school. But my interest in all things Otaku-like... that was the devil in their eyes.
My parents always thought all anime was just hentai, bless their souls. Then I showed them a bit of some wholesome shojo romance and they were just like eh... ok you do you...
DISOWNED! They don't care as long as I have my priorities straight. PEPE HANDS
My sister doesn't know what hentai is and i want to keep it that way. She also doesn't understand what a waifu is. My parents call everything "manga" instead of "anime" - they don't even know anime is a word. My dad is very enthusiastic about me taking an interest in a culture so different from our own, so everytime he reads something about Japan in the newspaper, he cuts out the whole article and leaves it on my desk for me to read it ^-^
My mom says I should "grow up" and find a different hobby. -_-
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