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How does your family react to your otaku passion?

They absolutely hate it, but we're on good terms otherwise
She makes fun of it but it’s all in good fun
Siblings - All like anime so they don't mind. They do grill me when buy more expensive merch though. Mother - Seemed bothered at first but is supportive since I started going to conventions. Step dad - Doesn't seem to care either way. So yeah, definitely could be worse.
My mom doesn't seem to care as long as I have a job, although she does like to complain about violence but then again she enjoys stuff like Die Hard when it's on tv so >.> My brother is into it too. My father isn't invested enough to know what I'm doing so he can't really react about it.
Definitely don't care, I'm considering putting one of those peeking decals on my car of Chitoge from Nisekoi or maybe some other anime. Why? - I saw somebody the other day driving with a peeking Chitoge decal. OwO
why would my parents care that i watch tv my parents arent retarded and nor am i a massive fuckin weaboo
Hmm, who knows what my mother thinks, could be good or bad. My father could care less. He did have some input when I was paying for Japanese courses. "You're doing what now? Well, ook, I guess"
They sort of accept it, but they really don't understand it. They really don't understand the con-going scene. lol. Overall they're okay with my hobbies though.
Was made fun of it for as long as i remember now my family "tries" to get along with me with it Uncle asks if my rukia cosplay was something from "naruto" and said it with that lame japanese accent normies use to try to fit in The gesture is nice but its still awkward as fuck and i avoid dealing with such conversations for the rest of my life.
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