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Anyone going or went to Japan?

Jan 02, 19 at 7:01pm

I'm going in March-April 2020! Really wanna make a couple friends from japan before I go.

Jan 05, 19 at 11:58am

Gonna try and go sometime this year if i can, would like to get to know some people who i can meet up with first though or people i can go with XD will have to see.

Jan 29, 19 at 11:39pm

I went to Tokyo in 2017 for 5 days and it was interesting. I was able to get by with my limited Japanese speaking skill and wi-fi access really helped me get around. I visited anime gallery show in Akihabara, went to Maid Cafe, and Anime Japan convention while I was over there.

@This Guy - It's not that personal to tell me people how much you paid for round trip plane ticket to Japan. As matter of fact, it's a good deal! I would tell young people to save at least $1,200 for the trip instead of blowing off their money on some stupid junks at convention.


My mother is working on it, but needs to know whether to go to Nagoya or either one of Tokyo's airports.

Any suggestions on what flight site, hotel, airliner, etc. all to rely on the most are welcome.

Jan 30, 19 at 9:44pm

Gonna visit Southern Japan eventually, visit a bunch of Shinto shrines, and spend a lot of time in the countryside. I hate big cities. Fuck Tokyo, I couldn't live in that concrete monolith.

Feb 03, 19 at 1:05am

I went again last year lol I found my home sweet Japan vacation spot in Kyushu.


japan 2020
(waiting for it )


soon I suppose


I just bought plane ticket to visit Japan and Korea on March for two weeks. Now I have to prepare because I wasn't prepared for winter over there. Wool socks and beanie hat are must.

Feb 23, 19 at 6:59pm

Going on may to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo for 2 weeks searching for things to do there~

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