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Anyone going or went to Japan?

Feb 27, 19 at 12:48am

Wahooo I got 1 plane ticket to japan I’m gonna get drunk there again

Mar 02, 19 at 8:24am

I was just curious if anyone was going to Japan next year to see the Olympics in 2020?


I wish to go, but flight prices may skyrocket way too high.

Parents still wish for me to get a travel partner to go with for safety reasons.

Friend of mine from Japan said visas are not required, but passports are.

As for a place to stay, same friend would help me say with him in his apartment. Another friend would help me stay by myself in a hotel.

My mother suggests Airbnb, but heard they were banned along with Uber.

And let's not forget ryokan:

Mar 14, 19 at 6:03am

i work there actually


I went
I enjoyed
I plan second trip in 2020 hopefully

Mar 16, 19 at 12:51pm

Any cheap flight services for a friend from Japan to visit USA in? Like Delta or other? And what flight sites are best for each flight service?

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