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18+ dating

Jun 08, 22 at 8:22am
The second mistake is thinking you can treat a forum like a 1-900 number. The first mistake is thinking it could work. Love the get a little dirt bit though.
Key @key17 commented on 18+ dating
Jun 16, 22 at 1:37pm
...this place hasn't changed one bit XD
Jun 16, 22 at 1:58pm
The gang is coming back, it's like a yearly migration.
Key @key17 commented on 18+ dating
Jun 16, 22 at 2:05pm
I haven't been here in like 5 years though. lol
Jun 16, 22 at 2:08pm
Semi yearly, then? Quadrennial(Been four.)?
Jun 21, 22 at 12:03am
This account has been suspended.
any ladies looking for a date for anime iowa if so (309)255-9360
Rain @rainx commented on 18+ dating
Jun 21, 22 at 11:05am
I'd be careful posting personal info like phone numbers since the forums are public and anyone can see it. You're probably better off using other social media or messengers to start.
Jun 21, 22 at 11:32am
Nah, bruh. Let the man live and grab fate/chance by the balls. An opportunity missed is a future regret. Not to mention... He's 31. Soooo... Wanna have a random Internet person stalk ya? That's his choice and perhaps that's his fetish, you dirty kink shamer.
Rokas @sparkis commented on 18+ dating
Jun 21, 22 at 12:06pm
Any ladies (or guys since I'm bi - myself) looking for a date? Look no further. Add me on discord and we'll see where this will lead us. *points finger guns* https://i.imgflip.com/1y6gkq.jpg (pls take this as a joke, I don't want to ruin my already bad reputation here any further :c)
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