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Mental Illness (Mental Wellness)


The guy who was his guest and ended up being a regular on mr.rogers, he was gay(He was literally the first black guy on Mr.rogers show and they ended up being really good friends.). My point was, it took a lot of what one would call manly, for mr.rigers to bring him on. However, what society would've deemed as being manly, that would not have allowed him to bring that man on his show.

This is the guy.


Both he and Mr Rogers were stand up MEN, in my opinion. Of course, I may be biased since I loved the show as a young child.


Now I'm confused if Panda was asking me or Yass XD


My bad... I assumed until I read through yours, but by then I already posted.


I still stand by that's an excellent example of being a man.


Dude literally fought congress to get funding for public broadcasting and he did it in such a simple way.

He was always clear about being open with how you feel. He even dealt with death and adoption in simple ways for kids to understand.


I agree, wish more people would too.


I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a man. With society in it's most basic form we can see that the leader of the tribe wasn't the strongest one, but the most trusted one. We can trust Mr. Rogers and Mr. Clemmons. Most of us can trust our dads, our uncles, our grandfathers, etc. It is the people who show cowardice, hide behind the façade of false principles and value personal gain over the others around them who cannot be trusted.

I think it comes down to sacrifice. There are men who sacrifice their lives to protect something, but it doesn't have to be that extreme. Sometimes it can be something as simple as Mr. Rogers or Mr. Clemmons sacrificing their time, if only to listen.


I was replying to yass but i guess we were all talking about the same topic? Mr.Rojers was manly because he stood up for what he believed was right. Not the persons skin color, not the person's sexual identity, but the person. None of that mattered and he saw passed it. The easy thing to do is give in to what everyone believes even when it makes you the bad guy. Its even harder to stand up despite this.


Mr Rogers sacrificed his entire life for a cause he believed in. He was set to become a presbyterian minister and he gave that up in lieu of bettering people from their start, many millions he never would know or even begin to understand the impact he had on. However,I don't strictly call that being a "man". We are all a culmination of two sides with a multitude of angles. The question begs "What is it to be human?" and not " What is it to be a man or a woman?". We are a strange, almost alien species on this little grain of sand amongst the stars. Such an odd creature that ALWAYS asks "Who am I?". While chemicals may make us have various outlooks, we are all part of a whole, a collective. With that said, being intrinsically "Man" or "Woman" makes us weaker as a whole.


What is it to be human? Thats something i think most people dont know how to do. Or maybe the idea that is "being human" just means we are what we are. Human nature isnt quite widespread collectivism but simply a construct of our own percieved ideals. For example, "someone will lie cheat and steal if it meant survival" is that always the case? What about people who give their life up for someone else? Imho your morals make you human, your ability to act in a way that alligns to that is what makes you, you. In the idea of man and woman, the man defends and protects while the woman nurtures and cares. Being a man is about building the world you wish to live in based off a set of principles, being a woman is showing others compassion and support. You help the men be better versions of themselves and create the building blocks for the world you wish to create. Thats what i think those two things mean. Inb4 im called sexist XD yes i know either roles can be swapped. But if you look at history it is men who built the world we live in and its the women who inspired them to do it.

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