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Rain @rainx commented on News
Aug 18, 22 at 11:12am
Never stick your dick in crazy.
Aug 18, 22 at 11:13am
I think that's the Anthem for 2022.
Wik @wik commented on News
Aug 18, 22 at 12:37pm
Word, but if crazy is the only one that's down to get stuck...what do you do??? https://media.giphy.com/media/45dPIIr6R1QBmhRUqF/giphy.gif
Ghost @kuharido commented on News
Sep 08, 22 at 12:57pm
The Queen has passed https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/live-blog/queen-elizabeth-live-updates-rcna34377
Two days ago, she empowered Liz Truss. Yesterday, she congratulated our 200 years. Now today, she dies... and at a time where the ideas of Scottish independence are growing.
Sep 22, 22 at 7:53pm
Tom Hardy Surprises Opponents at UK Jiu-Jitsu Competition — and Wins Gold
Sep 22, 22 at 8:08pm
https://youtu.be/L122aP3N_cw Hope this continues, honestly.
Sep 24, 22 at 9:59am
Arc just sent this one my way. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png Ryan Grantham of ‘Riverdale’ Sentenced to Life for Mother’s Murder Grantham, who also appeared in the film “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” had pleaded guilty earlier this year. He will be eligible for parole after 14 years. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png Matt Stevens By Matt Stevens Sept. 23, 2022 Ryan Grantham, a young Canadian actor who appeared in the television show “Riverdale,” has been sentenced to life in prison after admitting to killing his mother as part of a broad scheme in which he said he had planned to also kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and carry out a mass shooting in British Columbia. Grantham, 23, was declared eligible for parole after 14 years during sentencing proceedings at the Supreme Court of British Columbia on Wednesday, according to prosectors and a lawyer for Grantham. Grantham had pleaded guilty earlier this year to second-degree murder, which carries an automatic sentence of life in prison. The main issue at the sentencing was when he would be eligible for parole. Prosecutors had called for a 17- to 18-year waiting period before Grantham could apply for parole, Grantham’s lawyer had asked for a period of 12 years, and a judge on Wednesday chose a number in between. The court also imposed a lifetime firearm ban on Grantham, prosecutors said. Grantham has more than 30 acting credits, starting when he was a child. He appeared in the 2010 movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” in which he played Rodney James, and in several other films, including “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” Most recently he played the character Jeffery in a 2019 episode of “Riverdale,” a dark reimagining of the Archie Comics franchise on CW. His lawyer, Chris Johnson, said that Grantham had suffered from a number of documented mental health challenges including clinical depression and that, since entering prison, he had “committed himself to trying to rehabilitate himself.” The crime occurred on March 31, 2020, when Grantham, then 21, shot his mother, Barbara Waite, in the back of her head as she played piano in their home in Squamish, a town in British Columbia about 37 miles south of Whistler, Johnson said. Grantham recorded a video shortly after that in which he confessed to the murder and then left by car, Johnson said. Grantham told the authorities that he initially had planned to kill the prime minister, but changed his mind and at some point decided he would carry out a mass shooting, possibly at Simon Fraser University, where he had been a student. He did not carry out either plan, and instead turned himself in to the police on April 1, 2020, Johnson said. Grantham had rationalized that it was necessary to kill his mother so that she would not have to deal with the fallout of the crimes he had planned to commit, Johnson said. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/23/arts/television/ryan-grantham-riverdale-murder-mother.html https://nypost.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/06/ryan-grantham-comp.jpg
Sep 24, 22 at 12:07pm
https://youtu.be/X-Me6ChXmA8 Things are going slow with this but damn, impersonating an FBI agent. Hoping Manson wins his suit.
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