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And yes you do think about things potentially giving you cancer. If not that's complacency

Apr 10, 21 at 9:29pm

my view on life and sentience are theyr a curse

you don't ask to be alive, and when its thrusted onto you, your terrified to lose it

that's extremely cruel imo. yes we have lots of fun and happiness, but we also have a lot of heartbreak and pain. morally, we never hold pleasure above pain, so why is life any different?

that's also why i care more about the well being of the mother than i do the fetus

because the fetus doesn't know what life is, it doesn't want to live no more then a plant does

conversely, the mother does want to live, she does have real thoughts and feelings, she has an actual quality of life, where as the fetus does not.

so i hold her well being above the potential well being of a fetus

like i said, the fetus wants to be alive as much as a plant does. a gold fish has more of a subjective experience then a fetus does, so why should i hold a creature that cant even experience well being above that of a sentient person that can?

it makes no sense in my mind

you probably think im the cruel one, but from my perspective that's you. you give 0 thought or consideration to the struggle that a mother has to go through, and as a man, you will never really understand it. women get abortions whether its legal or not, which just stresses the desperation that these women face.

Apr 10, 21 at 9:30pm

@solid_snake95 so you would accept the colon cancer and not seek medical treatment?

because you arent reaping what you sowed if you get treatment. you have to keep the stupid prize you won from the stupid game you played, right?

so you eat that burger and know that if you get colon cancer that's your own fault and your own responsibility to bare it?

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