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Ahh but you see young Lamborghini that having a baby can be seen the same way. Where you don't think about the potential consequences about giving birth. As you said yesterday about the health risks of having children as a woman and the percentages. Therefore the percentages are so small of health failure that you have a better chance winning the lottery. Birth is a natural beautiful thing. Do gorillas kill their young in their womb? No. Do any animals kill their young in the womb. (Except sharks where the siblings devour each other the whole time >.>)
In conclusion, there are no valid reasons except the sole personal freedom of a woman's body to abort a child. Using ones freedom to suppress another's. Meaning abortion is morally wrong.

Apr 10, 21 at 8:48pm


Correct. Another aspect to the legal consent is that usually one can only be counted as able to give consent, legally, when they are completely aware/ cognizant, or have a full understanding of the situation to which they are agreeing too etc. Regular consent on the other hand by definition does not require any of those things. All it requires is for someone to agree to something and then they have consented. They do not need to have a full understanding of whatever they are agreeing to for it to by definition be then consenting to something unlike legal consent.

I found your take very interesting because I have heard many people argue the opposite so I thought it would be interesting to hear from you if you knew the difference between legal consent and regular consent and if that played any part in how you decided on how to view the topic at hand.


I just know what I know because I always think philosophy every second of my day unless I'm watching porn

Apr 10, 21 at 8:54pm

@solid_snake95 im not entirely sure your point, but morning sickness, feet swelling, being uncomfortable etc etc are all normal symptoms of a pregnancy. i don't think a woman should have to go through that, wrack up a medical bill on top of all that, and blow out her vagina to give birth to a child she never wanted

personally i am an anti-natalist, i don't plan on ever having children and i see getting pregnant on purpose as an entirely selfish act (i have a more bleak view of life then most people).

not all things natural are good. poison is natural, but no one wants to be poisoned.

when animals procreate it isn't for the sex, its to purely pass on their genetics, so you cant compare them to humans

humans are extremely unique in many various ways

Apr 10, 21 at 8:55pm

@solid_snake95 tell me, when you bite into a burger, are you telling yourself "i am ok with the risk of color cancer from eating this, i will accept the seeds i am planting and will not seek treatment so i may sow the outcome"?

after all, your rolling the dice same way you roll the dice when you have sex. stupid games give stupid prizes, no?


Do the illnesses kill you? No. Are you in agonizing pain enough to where you are like, "Kill this demon inside of me".
It's still just using your own personal freedom to take away another's. Morning sickness is natural. Unless you are in a life or death bind you shouldn't want to rip your child out of the womb killing it like an infestation.


"stupid games give stupid prizes, no?"
Right back atcha tho. Don't want a kid don't play the game.

Apr 10, 21 at 8:58pm

you didnt answer my question

when you bite into a burger, are you telling yourself "i am ok with the risk of color cancer from eating this, i will accept the seeds i am planting and will not seek treatment so i may sow the outcome"?

Apr 10, 21 at 8:59pm

also, again, just because its natural doesnt mean its good

poison is natural. cancer is natural. rape happens in nature as well. lots of bad things come from nature


So having a child is a bad thing? You were once a child too ya know.

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