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what's your disability?

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Feb 13, 17 at 10:20am


Spaghetti rocks! xD

Loli-ButtCuddles commented on what's your disability?
Feb 13, 17 at 10:50am
This account has been suspended.

Autism (extremely high functioning like borderline not autistic so it is classified as pddnos/other), ADHD,bipolar depression, disgraphia, social anxiety disorder, occupation defiant disorder, clients dignosed depression, OCD (only works on store shelves for some reason, chronic acid reflux (I have enough acid in my stomach for two adult men), and asthma.

Feb 13, 17 at 12:37pm

Maybe not quite Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but close. I feel like I'm constantly worried about the future and I think my anxiety prevents me from having fun and enjoying life as much as I could. Really bad performance anxiety in particular.


OCD,depression,PPD,Dissociative identity disorder, anxiety, insomnia. Had anorexia before but I've stopped


social anxiety, depression, apparently autism .-. idk where that is coming from but they say i have it XD oh and ADHD

Feb 13, 17 at 1:10pm

It just a label and an excuse to get you on medication that you don't need.

They said I am depressed which yes I am and adhd. That I need meds I may be hyper but I know how to control it haa. And no thanks last time I tried those depression pills, they made a zombie queen haa so no it easy to over come on your own I love how they label people haaa.


@fallen i dont take any meds i stopped a long time ago. im fine now so :D

Feb 13, 17 at 1:14pm

As far as I know never suffered anything, maybe I'm nuts and I'm not aware of it. Even if I was diagnosed something, I'd probably refuse it and end up healed anyway.

Oh no, wait, stress is likely but I also deal with it.

Feb 13, 17 at 1:22pm


your disability is not giving a dazzling fuck of anything that moves on the world or tries to get to you anyhow.

You're like a rock on that aspect :o

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