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BZ Substitute commented on Kids
Sep 16, 17 at 6:19am

There great at that age CR,
It's the fact that they grow into monsters that's the issue

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on Kids
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Sep 16, 17 at 6:44am
This account has been suspended.
siruboo commented on Kids
Sep 16, 17 at 3:23pm

I thought this was a baby goat thread

shinu commented on Kids
Sep 16, 17 at 10:26pm

Little spawns of satan? No thanks.

Part of me has always dreamed of passing on the torch, but at this point I don't feel like conforming to the classic idea of a family. One thing is for sure, I don't want somebody else's kids.

Umbratic Alba commented on Kids
Sep 17, 17 at 9:05pm

Definitely wanna have kids but no more than 3.
They'll be my servants when they get a bit older and able to give me stuff like a dog huehue

Though I'm not sure if I want to be preggos with them, I just can't handle newborns and they creep me out for some reason, like they come out of you and have this blank expression like they're dead... Don't get me wrong, they are cute when they are smiling and laughing, but I don't want to hear crying every hour...

But I would definitely adopt if husband is okay with it or give birth if husband would take care of it lol
Also would foster kids if house is stable enough.

... I just can't handle newborns, but toddlers are okay for me

Jikko Von Satsujin commented on Kids
Sep 17, 17 at 10:36pm

I'd like to have 2 sets of twins and that's it as I want to give those kids a life I never had and show them a future I'd never dream of.

darkangelchantel commented on Kids
Sep 18, 17 at 5:14am

I already have 2 o.o but I wouldn't mind 1 more

Jaydee ☆ commented on Kids
Sep 20, 17 at 8:23am

I might adopt. Having biological kids would be hard pass from me, though.

xueli commented on Kids
Sep 22, 17 at 6:37pm

I’m ambivalent. I’m not against having kids if it happens but it wouldn’t tear me up inside if it doesn’t *shrug* if anything, I’m more afraid of labor but then that’s also cause I know too much about what happens to the body when women give birth... :/

Prince_Christoph commented on Kids
Sep 22, 17 at 9:35pm

I'm pretty sure i can't get pregnant but i'd like to have one kid when i'm in my 40s! Hopefully a boy so we can play sports together. My 20s and 30s are planned to be spent exploring the world with no financial or emotional burdens, and my 40s will be the time to begin settling for the rest of my lifetime. Being in my 40s i will be wiser and have learnt how to raise a kid, and the age will naturally make me more patient which is what parents need when teaching children. It's too early to choose a name but i like Christos (my name is Christoph), and Lily Rose for a girl :)

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