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neeto started Kids
Jan 25, 17 at 8:59pm

Wanna have any?

TheTeacupSails commented on Kids
Jan 25, 17 at 9:09pm

xD xD This looks like you're asking if anyone wants to have kids with you. lol Tho I know that's not what you mean....let's see the responses!

Edit: Oh, and for me personally...I know that I want to adopt two children. I want to have one, but lately I'm second guessing it. I don't think I'd do well with being preggo.

The Silent commented on Kids
Jan 25, 17 at 9:12pm

I would like 1 - 2 if possible, would be nice to be a parent!

mariahaise commented on Kids
Jan 25, 17 at 9:18pm

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
though emotional problems, spending money, food issues, physical issues, education, dealing with this world's bullshit, no no nonnoo.
But definitely I want a boy. Just one.

Not even the father will save.


n a e r i commented on Kids
n a e r i
Jan 25, 17 at 9:20pm

none :p but im a kid rn so who knows whats gonna change in the next 20 years // i do think if i WERE to have kids someday i would want twins, a boy and a girl

[DERP] Charles_Red commented on Kids
Jan 25, 17 at 9:28pm

Yes I do want to have kids one day 2 would be fine at first, and maybe a 3rd one later, 4th would be okay once things settle down. 2 boys, 2 girls probably the way I want it

*TFS Vegeta*
Think of the Bloodline

Tamamo_no_mae commented on Kids
Jan 25, 17 at 9:36pm
This account has been suspended.
Jelly-Senpai commented on Kids
Jan 25, 17 at 9:44pm

Two or Three. That's my limit. If they want more siblings, I'll adopt. Otherwise they'll have to make the family grow the traditional way.

yaasshat commented on Kids
Jan 25, 17 at 9:54pm

I do and with any luck, I will. I've found that it definitely seems to be a bigger trend now to not want kids. I'd say, if you know that you don't want any , not even thru adoption, please don't try to change someone elses mind. It's very unfair to think that you're partner needs to or should change thier mind when it comes to something as important as kids. Honestly, this should be one of the first questions asked, if you're pursuing a serious relationship. I managed to sneak it in fairly early on by just discussing kids that either my friends or family have. Luckily, she quickly talked about wanting kids someday. However, don't be overly direct with the question, it can come off kind of like you are desperate and want to just start popping out kids ASAP, which is a huge turnoff no matter who you are and even more so when you don't even know the person. Also, never feel like you need to have kids. If you have absolutely no desire for children, it's probably for the best that you don't.

Ed~ commented on Kids
Jan 25, 17 at 10:09pm

I want 4~ I was told my first 3 would be daughters (by an awkward number of people) so, it would be cool to at least have a guy kid...

If he comes first, second or third or whatever, I might still have 4 kids tho... So far my partner accepts. Adopting can also be done~

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