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lets vent...


ok so ive been dealing with some realy unsaverie people over the years so i thought "i need to vent..." but then i also thought "mabey i should do it with my fellow otaku..??" so i made this topic. id have to say the one thing that gets me po'd as of late is the term "troll" people have been calling me this term for the past 2 weeks is there somthing thats has got you po'd at other people as of late??


geez man you think you can just tell some one something so personal we aren't even good friends and then you go ahead and tell me that it is a burden to you, image how much of a burden its going to be to me. this is why we didn't work in the first place your kind and you still im headstrong. Lets just part before it gets any worst.
Thanks man a venting topics are always my fav. IT helps.


GOD D--- IT!!! these guys expect EVERY 1 to have a degree of some sort or expieriance Thats bull s--- and they know it! not every 1 can afford college espicialy when you have no job!! >.<

i feel loads better ^_^!!

Dec 24, 09 at 5:16am

<center><font color="purple">You know what I hate...<BR>
Being confused.. <BR>
Yup, I hate it.... but it keeps happening so often =V_V= </center></font>


Lets see, I hate how corrupt the world is now, like how everything revolves around money or government or some religion. (I don't intend to be insulting to anyone, Its just in general so don't take it personal I'm venting.) I mean what happened to the good old days when cave men worked to eat and then relaxed to enjoy the life he knew in nature. Then the Native Americans also lived like this, with out money or government, so I don't want to hear its not possible, Bull, its not possible because people can't think for themselves, people made money, people made laws requiring money to do stuff, people made all this just because they listened to someone in power. Um hello, if that same person demanded you jump off a bridge, would you do it? Come on world, think for your self. And you people out in the middle east going on about with your religious wars, shut up, ok you believe in your important being, but its nothing to kill over, If I were your lord I'd be very disapointed heck if I were god I'd have abandoned this planet a long time ago. Some times I think the onle sane person in the world is an Otaku. For some reason we can just see the bigger picture that others can't see, but if you stop and think about it with logic, the world is like this today because everyone did what one person told them to, and the solution is so simple yet impossible to explain in words. One can only see it for themselves.


im so glad my venting topic is helping people i like helping people feel good and i agree these people who call them selves the "in crowed" are just a bunch of pricks and clones"me and my friends look like clones" qoute ~the emo song~ and they just don't know it. >.<


really depressed about my LACK of success with women. i definitely think my confidants level seeming to be bellow zero % is factor in it. i some times think that i should call it quits on the dating seen all together.but i think about how when i do find some one that it will just make me feel that much better.i also think that i need to remember that I'm not the only one with problems around the one i have and just problems in general.but that is just the tip of the ice berg of my problems in life. -.- *phew!* i feel allot better! :)

Mar 28, 10 at 12:40am

i have ZERO courage when it comes to girl, which sucks because girls do like me but i NEVER can ask them out because im scared of rejection and akward-ness, then they think im not interested and go out with someone else (yamcha,i fell your pain)

Mar 30, 10 at 5:23pm

at the current moment my huge problem is this girl i don't even know, we have one class together and see each other at lunch when me and my friends are standing around her friends are walking around, when we're sitting down her friends are usually right in front of us. The thing is I'm only shy when it comes to a commitment, i can meat a random girl on the street and probably have her number and a date scheduled, with her we just stare at each other its so weird!
i like her and i feel that if i don't say something soon she might just move on, i don't know really. this is the problem i have facing right now, also I'm expected to graduate with my current year, but since i messed up my junior so its awkward at the moment, also the last girl i was with is now blaming me for all her problems she is having with current boy friends,

Sep 21, 11 at 11:40am

I have problems getting a decent girl. so far i've had 2 stalkers, one EX "stab me in the back" and cheated on me, another dumped me over the phone for no apparent reason at all except that she was possibly bored with me. with all this and certain other events i will not elaborate on at this time, i have seemed to have developed a fear of girls i actually like, because they might end up doing the same things. No, i don't believe every girl is evil. but i do think that after all these things that have happened, i deserve someone who isn't creepy,decietful,or trying to take advantage of me. It's hard to just sit here and think that after all the things i did for my EX's, I always ended up heartbroken.

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