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Heya, nice to meet you~

Hi hi~~~~ You may call me Mint or Minty! I joined in hopes of making some new friends where we can just chill ~~ Talking about anime, manga, webtoon, etc! Maybe we can even watch shows or movies together and play some video games together :D currently, I like playing ACNH, Pal World, Party Animals, etc Feel free to message me to talk about anything really, I am all ears ready to listen to any rants or current pains. Let’s get over our sadness together!
Mar 30, 24 at 3:04pm
Welcome o/
Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
Sadness? To be honest, I'm just coming out of a state of perpetual numbness that I've been for a while now, and I kinda forgot what sadness feels like. Anyways, my trauma dumps kinda blur into the occult and the paranormal, so I digress. Welcome!
Posted a different version of this, but yeahhh, I knew the original would come in handy. Regardless of whether I've chugged down your sadness or not... Welcome, nonetheless.
Forgetmenot with the super welcomes as always
What can I say? I do love me some sadness with a side of despair
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