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Manga recommendations

I'm not too sure if this topic already exists. I'll start Ryuuma no gagou. A manga you should read if you enjoy attack on titan. About a legend for 500 years in this apocalyptic wasteland people are attack by monsters called albinos. But the hero Ryuuma saved everyone from Jin the creator of catastrophe. Ryuuma is a rumored character everywhere. You do meet Ryuuma however it is a name passed down to give the people hope in this wasteland
May 14, 23 at 2:55pm
Shin Tokyo. For horror fanatics this is great. It's a parallel Tokyo that punishes "sinners" cursed by a victim killed by said sinner. A bullied school teacher kills himself and curses the students on the field trip to shin Tokyo. You have to survive the many wardens that follow a certain historical character role. Gory fun but not over the top at least. Has a good plot but not too many great characters. Like they are just there to increase the body count.
May 19, 23 at 2:31pm
Souboutei Kowasu beshi. I've read a lot of horror where you see over the top gore to suspenseful images. I've never seen a haunted house story that is so complex as this one. The prime minister once ventured into this house as a kid and was traumatized. Now that he's in charge he wants the house destroyed. But the house takes on missiles like nothing. So a group of exorcist to a manga artist must solve and cleanse the house
Jul 05, 23 at 12:43pm
After God. What an interesting concept. The art is almost watching an abstract sometimes. Of course there are regular artwork which is stupendous. But these characters in this story are gripping and you desire to read about them. Im not sure if I like the the Manga yet after 30 chapters. It's about the gods appearing and taking over japan. The world has tried their best to destroy them to no avail. The reason being is that you can't see them on any cameras. Then their eyes possess your very being to worship them or turn you to water instantly. The main character is so interesting a basic comparison would be chainsaw man or devilman
Harry Potter is the best Manga ever written #FACTS
Aug 09, 23 at 3:36am
Bro chill, its a public forum. You're bound to get these types of interactions at some point Doesn't help your case you tagged Aleph (LOL) as well and showed your "hatred" for said post https://media3.giphy.com/media/v1.Y2lkPTc5MGI3NjExcTgwc3p3eTU2b3ptMWZybzNlZGV0ZGFmaTNldjVtdnZ6amZ3YW5jOCZlcD12MV9pbnRlcm5hbF9naWZfYnlfaWQmY3Q9Zw/1fmBxX0HfpTKNtpWAf/giphy.gif
It's funny coz, Aleph knows that all too well LOL
Aug 09, 23 at 10:02am
@redhawk yes I know. Just frustrating to look back on it considering I made this to give people Manga recommendations to people that are looking for new series to look into
Aug 09, 23 at 10:04am
@redhawk but yeah I'm probably not Gonna use it anymore because of it unfortunately. I just find it very disappointing anyone would do that. Doesnt really matter if it's a joke. Especially if I never contribute that much to the site besides chatting friends.
Aug 09, 23 at 11:24am
One manga I highly recommend is called "The Holy Qur'an". https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/735517722623868999/1138868434353000568/images_7.jpg It's a sequel to a manga by the same Author "The Holy Bible". https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/735517722623868999/1138868434059407410/images_8.jpg I don't recommend reading the holy bible tho because the sequel covers everything that happened in the prequel and completes it. Kinda like a remake. The plot kinda changes in The Holy Quran. Some characters also change and get new names. For example in The Holy Bible, a man named Jesus Christ was the main character and he was the son of God. But in the sequel, a man named Muhammad is the main character and Jesus is a side character who instead of being the son of God, is a prophet of God. It's a very good read filled with action, drama, romance, everything. You can read the prequel too if you like. Some people like the holy bible more and some like the sequel/remake more. Tell me what you think ^_^
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